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Calof presents a fascinating case study of his work with couple entrancement in his highly commended book, The Couple Who Became Each Other (1998).
While his compatriots remain entranced by the mourning ritual, this transfixed man, entranced by the camera, looks into the eyes of the audience, captivating them in the entrancement of a staring contest.
Second, along these routes, in both tropical and temperate waters, lionfish are encountering naive species with no experience of their venom or entrancement.
Here Jim's heroic conviction that he is "a man destined to shine in the midst of dangers" is revealed and traced to his imaginative entrancement with the "sea-life of light literature," a fascination that, paradoxically, isolates him from others and challenges the heroic merging of private and public identity he feels "destined" to act out (Lord 6).
She falls at the moment our enjoyment at her elegance of movement is cut short by her own entrancement with her out-jutting foot, the part of her anatomy that becomes symbolically linked to her excess of pleasure, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Even the motif of stretching is picked up in the part of the foot that is already tightly stretched, the tendons [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] The messenger's speech hints eerily at.
A steamy tale of love, desire, entrancement and clashing wills.
Heaney points out that in "The pleasure ground" Murphy makes a connection between his childhood entrancement with this garden and his later realisation that the Connemara coast was the place in which he would write his poetry.
Once we assume life fully, it is through a tender attention to the particular that we enter into belief, for God--in Cording's world--has the lover's entrancement with detail: "the silvery whoosh of cold wind, / The different percussions of rain on wood, on / Metal, thunder ramifying .
The tendency to descent, to involvement, even entrancement, with the earthly and the tendency to ascent, to transcendence, can be experienced metaphorically as femininity and masculinity, complementary energies operating in all of us.
It was an undertaking of labor rather than entrancement.
They will scan the murky winter air for his twinkle-toed boots and settle back for a night of entrancement from a Fergie fledgling with the football world acting like a butler to his clarion call.