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Is this a modern, low-cost entranceway to the school?
Nora, May, and Evie, appearing at the bridge, at the entranceway
Had we kept the bar on the left, there would have been bar stools sitting right in the middle of the entranceway. And David wanted to see all the way through--to the end of the restaurant.
"There's no better display area than the main entranceway of the MTMC Operations Center."
Despite heavy smoke and flames outside the front entranceway, they ran inside and evacuated 25 people and used fire extinguishers to put out the blaze.
Check out what can be achieved on their specially-made banners and boards at the entranceway.
unveiled an automated entranceway system Wednesday that opens and closes by means of mobile phones or personal handy-phone systems (PHS).
The measures include a buffer zone around the property, a new security gate and a new protected entranceway.
But its low-key entranceway and frontage is likely to mean it attracts fewer of the big crowds normally associated with the area.
Sure, there are berms lining the entranceway, landscaped with homes and red maples.
There are plans for a gated entranceway and intercom access to further secure this phase of the development.
Reznik sees Freed as a first class architect by international standards who should be given the chance to design in Jerusalem; in any case, he adds, the current buil ding functions badly for the visiting public, who are greeted by a perfunctory entranceway surrounded by a large car park.