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Invite some architects into the classroom to discuss this architectural entranceway feature.
Had we kept the bar on the left, there would have been bar stools sitting right in the middle of the entranceway.
The measures include a buffer zone around the property, a new security gate and a new protected entranceway.
Sure, there are berms lining the entranceway, landscaped with homes and red maples.
Reznik sees Freed as a first class architect by international standards who should be given the chance to design in Jerusalem; in any case, he adds, the current buil ding functions badly for the visiting public, who are greeted by a perfunctory entranceway surrounded by a large car park.
Pensioners were forced to flee the Lillington Road building at 4am after a fire destroyed an entranceway.
The sales desk was located halfway into the store to the right -- not visible from the interior entranceway.
As I was entering Riverside Park in New York City one afternoon, I saw a thirty-something man notice the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt at the entranceway.
Asking rent for the 29th floor at Tower 57, which is best known for its curved facade and breathtaking entranceway, was $95 a square foot.
Im really pleased with the way theyve turned out, theyll make a stunning entranceway to the tunnel.
After hearing the loud noise, she looked over her upstairs railing and saw a man standing in the entranceway next to the door that he had just kicked in.