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Wilcox to write letters to the papers complaining of our national degeneracy, or else they entrap a boy into marriage before it is too late.
It is now some ten days since Ishmael, pitying the state in which he saw me, a humble lover of science, imparted the fact that the vehicle contained a beast, which he was carrying into the prairies as a decoy, by which he intends to entrap others of the same genus, or perhaps species.
He smiled, reproaching her, and she coloured, reproaching herself --both, with the knowledge that she had meant to entrap him into an answer not true--when he said 'I know OF them.
And it's this gentleman's servant, I suppose,' interrupted the old lady, 'who has been skulking about my house, and endeavouring to entrap my servants to conspire against their mistress.
This was a question more difficult of solution; but as knaves generally overreach themselves by imputing their own designs to others, the idea immediately presented itself that some circumstances of irritation between Quilp and the old man, arising out of their secret transactions and not unconnected perhaps with his sudden disappearance, now rendered the former desirous of revenging himself upon him by seeking to entrap the sole object of his love and anxiety into a connexion of which he knew he had a dread and hatred.
Using polymeric nanoparticles to entrap and deliver vitamins has its advantages.
In this research, some changes were made in the synthesis of liposomes and nanocarriers were produced that can entrap DNA molecules with very high efficiency (98%) in their absolutely neutral structure.
All the same, is it right that the council should be briefing 16 year olds to go in and buy cigarettes specifically to entrap the shop keeper?
Both in vitro and in vivo studies have demonstrated that alginate-based rafts can entrap carbon dioxide, as well as antacid components contained in some formulations, thus providing a relatively pH-neutral barrier.
The snaring of an innocent man, Held at compounds by the sea, A new world faced without consent, Chains entrap a spirit free, A voyage cruel; two seasons long, From coast to coast the rigging lashed, Cat o' nines would quash decent, The flesh of humans brutally thrashed, Devoid of food or sanitary, No written words describe the smell, No light pervades beneath the decks, Conditions worse than those of hell, Amoebic, scurvy, dysentery, All poor souls would be lost, Expendable cargo; a commodity, Overboard the sickly freely tossed, The trading of a human life, With thoughts and feelings just like me, Denied the rights of freedom, just, Forgiveness there can never be.