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The utilization of these techniques may provide a key clinical tool for clinicians to utilize in the early detection and treatment of saphenous nerve entrapments and should be explored in future research.
As in past years, it should be noted that this summary does not reflect all grain-related entrapments, fatal or nonfatal, that have occurred, due to the lack of a comprehensive reporting system and a continued reluctance on the part of some victims and employers to report partial entrapments where extrication was required but no public report was made.
The study concluded that escalators designed with a reduced gap between the steps and sidewall would help reduce risk of entrapment.
Specifically, HBSW will launch an outreach effort to raise awareness about entrapments and help facilities understand how to assess their beds for entrapment risk.
Suction entrapment is one of those subjects few of us like to think about.
Petitioners Scott and Diana Anderson allege that entrapment injuries from moving stairs constitute an unreasonable risk of injury.
No surveillance system exists to detect or report car trunk entrapment-related deaths, and no International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, external cause-of-injury code exists for deaths associated with car trunk entrapments.
Adams, who formed the advocacy organization Farm Safety 4 Just Kids shortly after her son's death, said that public awareness and education are the only clear ways to prevent these entrapments.
What's troubling is that members of the APSP Technical Committee and of the ANSI/APSP-7 writing committee have been alerting public health officials in the state of Kentucky, informing them that the existing state rules did not protect against all forms of entrapment," said Carvin DiGiovanni, APSP's Senior Director for Standards and Government Relations.
CPSC said the drop-sides on the cribs can detach from the crib, potentially creating a dangerous gap and leading to entrapment and suffocation of infants.