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The viscous flow of metal in the mold is much less turbulent than 100% liquid, allowing for rapid fill of thin sections (2-3mm) without entrapping cavity atmosphere, Jorstad said, stressing that thin sections translate to reduced part weight.
Is it possible to shape policies that restrain the former without entrapping the latter?
8,597,621 B2; L'Oreal has patented an emulsion lipstick composition, in solid form, comprising water; a water-insoluble half acid and half amide crosslinked reaction product of at least one oil-soluble high carbon polar modified polymer comprising at least one C22-C40 monomer and modified with at least one hydrophilic unit, and having a weight-average molecular weight of less than or equal to 30000 girnol and a crystallinity of 8-60% and at least one polyarnine, wherein the reaction product forms a matrix capable of entrapping water; at least one non-volatile solvent capable of solubilizing the oil-soluble high carbon polar modified polymer; and at least on high melting point wax.