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The little mouse is eagerly anticipating autumn, a time when all his favorite things come to pass--but for now his parents entreat him to relish the moment, as summer days fly by all too quickly.
The journey across the Asian landscape is drawn with love and yearning for recognition: from Busan, "a city sitting in the core of modernism," (45) to Kunsan, with its "manicured grasses and sceneries shield[ing] the vista / From the ominous invasion of capitalism," (54) and Mokpo, a major port city in South Korea, which "many entreat to wed their dreams" (56).
Hunter and Salzman entreat readers to build on the nation-wide momentum that helped elect Obama by becoming involved with or leading community organizing and volunteer pursuits.
Julia Rabanovich of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem translated the inscription as, "Was once the embrace of a lover that entreat."
If there are any GP administrators reading this letter who have such a system in place, I would entreat them to change.
Moore picked up a two-day ban (June 24-25) for careless riding on odds-on maiden flop Entreat, which did not improve his mood, and clearly Billy Beetroot got the message he was not to be messed with as he launched him down the outside of five rivals to defeat Louie's Lad.
Entreat, whose trainer Sir Michael Stoute also has a good record at this venue, is likely to attract support after her recent third to a subsequent winner at Salisbury over 1m2f but, on pedigree, may not have as much scope for improvement over this longer trip.
One at a time, they entreat him to address them on love, marriage and children, on giving, on basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, work, and on spiritual matters such as good and evil, justice and prayer.
Guide us!" "Entreat those who have that they may help those who have not," Manley said unto them.
This is because they find it difficult to plead, to petition, to entreat, especially people they consider inferior due to education, income, and social class.
I entreat the Canadian church to avoid implementing anything that might cause the same situation to develop in Canada.