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The disposition of Mrs Fitzpatrick was more timorous; for, though the greater terrors had conquered the less, and the presence of her husband had driven her away at so unseasonable an hour from Upton, yet, being now arrived at a place where she thought herself safe from his pursuit, these lesser terrors of I know not what operated so strongly, that she earnestly entreated her cousin to stay till the next morning, and not expose herself to the dangers of travelling by night.
When she had seen her father begging with his threadbare disguise on, when she had entreated him not to give her father money, she had been distressed, but not like this.
More particularly, as Mr Fledgeby did, with great civility, which I could not feel that I deserved from him, render me the same service that you had entreated him to render you.
Captain RTD Cudjoe entreated the contractors to execute the contract in due time and avoid shoddy works.
NNA - Syria Druze Sheikh, Hikmat al-Hajri, on Monday entreated world leaders to release those kidnapped of the Syrian people and let peace linger in the nation.
PESHAWAR -- A 15year old polio affected Khadija Friday having tears in eyes while watching children of her age group playing in the street prayed the Allah Almighty to keep ever child protected from permanent disability and entreated parents to get their children immunized against polio disease.
SOME time ago I entreated my fellow scribe Eddie Saunders, whose offerings are always readable and well structured, to not solely confine his talent to his pet subject of how to offend anyone who has any religious faith at all.
Apostle Dr Alfred Koduah, Area Head of the Church of Pentecost and the Special Guest entreated management to ensure optimum transparency in their operations as any negative move would go a long way to affect the image of the church.
It also prayed for all the departed souls and entreated for their ultimate eternal peace.
While there is no one to blame, that does not mean no one should be entreated to start cutting costs.
The financier entreated leader Sir Menzies Campbell, former leader Charles Kennedy, and chief executive Lord Rennard to contact prison authorities over his detention in a high-security wing.
The great Guru himself knelt before the five disciples and entreated them to bless him with amrit.