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On Wednesday, Bardot added her voice to the protest, entreating Hollande to issue a reprieve for the Indian elephants.
As a last resort, we have come to the mosquito with folded palms, entreating it not to bite us and to go away to the jungle.
She read some of these texts and the message was entreating the victim to take pictures of himself and the defendant telling him he loved him.
Mr Lee ended his letter with a philosophical homily, entreating us not to look a gift horse in the mouth: "I know that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of gold.
He also has a considerable fan base mobilising support - Shane Williams was one of the first famous faces on Twitter entreating us to
Hoshino is known for entreating his students to "think with their hands" and capture the energy of a place through direct contact with it.
Step forth, then, Liverpool council's Richard Kemp, the ubiquitous spokesman on all matters municipal for the machine that is the Local Government Association, entreating us to give the coalition a fighting chance.
And like 'some late visitor entreating entrance at your chamber door,'six different malts and two different hop varieties create the darkness.