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These types of solicitations are routine, but every once in a while you'll field an entreaty for something truly bizarre.
This is a serious book, but there is plenty of visual humor--from the photo of the baby polar bear suspended mid-dive, to the kangaroo scratching its belly, to the saucer-eyed loris accompanied by the entreaty at the end, "and now it's up to you.
A disturbing silent entreaty evolved, only casually relating to the other material, channeling a host of issues without defining them.
IN appealing to councillor Goodway not to take inflation busting pay increases, Mr Bragg's entreaty (Viewpoints, May 3) will fall upon the deaf ears of the above and the rest of our overpaid councillors, one is certain.
Mitzna refused the entreaty, saying that he is not motivated by the good of his party, but rather the good of the country.
But the minister's entreaty omits one important point - motorists can't be expected to shell out as much as pounds 1,000 on an LPG conversion when skinflint Gordon Brown refuses to freeze duty beyond 2004.
The entreaty worked; Marseille was spared and the consecration set a critical precedent.
How can she refuse the team leader's entreaty to be more cooperative with her team members?
They would, in fact, do well to heed the entreaty of Shakespeare's Henry V, who opted to "imitate the action of the tiger, stiffen the sinews, conjure up the blood.
But the question ultimately does not arise because reparations talk is rooted in a different kind of politics, a politics of elite-brokerage and entreaty to the ruling class and its official conscience, the philanthropic foundations, for racial side-payments.
Annan's call to industry was little more than an entreaty, however, and like various international agreements and protocols, does not require companies to raise environmental performance standards.