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Pollution by motor vehicles is the worst culprit today, and this passionate entreaty does nothing to tackle that
The letter, first reported by Hazel Trice Edney in the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) newsletter, was inspired by a similar entreaty to the White House last spring by NNPA Chairman John B.
WHY DO I spend countless hours alone in my study, ignoring the entreaties of cat and lover, forgoing the pleasures of vacuuming and dusting while spewing forth an endless lava of invective, sarcasm, and entreaty in the form of a blog?
It is impossible to respond to every entreaty, but most celebrities try to give back what they can to their loyal fans.
Lord Carey added his own personal entreaty, insisting he hoped that at this "peaceful time which is important for Muslims and Christians alike, that we may be able to see the safe return home of these men as soon as possible".
He replied: 'No, no, no.' He was asked again and repeated the entreaty.
The good doctor admits his inexperience, hesitates, and then succumbs to Martin's purring entreaty, "Would you like to do something about it?" The scene cuts away with a passionate kiss, discreetly leaving the watcher to imagine the ensuing choreography.
This is a serious book, but there is plenty of visual humor--from the photo of the baby polar bear suspended mid-dive, to the kangaroo scratching its belly, to the saucer-eyed loris accompanied by the entreaty at the end, "and now it's up to you." The author manages to convey how unique all animals are in appearance and behavior--and how little we understand them.
A disturbing silent entreaty evolved, only casually relating to the other material, channeling a host of issues without defining them.
IN appealing to councillor Goodway not to take inflation busting pay increases, Mr Bragg's entreaty (Viewpoints, May 3) will fall upon the deaf ears of the above and the rest of our overpaid councillors, one is certain.
Mitzna refused the entreaty, saying that he is not motivated by the good of his party, but rather the good of the country.
But the minister's entreaty omits one important point - motorists can't be expected to shell out as much as pounds 1,000 on an LPG conversion when skinflint Gordon Brown refuses to freeze duty beyond 2004.