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They therefore entrenched themselves on a hill over against the enemy's camp, and though victorious, were under great disadvantages.
Summary: Speaker Nabih Berri commended the Lebanese Army operation on the northeastern border against Daesh (ISIS) militants entrenched in the area late Sunday.
Tender are invited for Greater Manchester Combined Authority (Gmca) Entrenched Rough Sleepers Social Impact Bond.
Today's report underlines just how entrenched race inequality and unfairness still is in our society," Isaac said.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch says Dubai's recovery from the excesses that led to the 2009 bust is well entrenched, broadening and gaining pace.
Hadn't the entrenched oligarchies stridden into the party as well in strength to elbow out the commoners to the sidelines?
It is time for some kind of term limits for elected Shrewsbury town officials, to eliminate the current situation of an entrenched oligarchy with their incessant, dire declarations of an impending financial doomsday if their spend, spend philosophy is not continued.
This paper argues that these entrenched criticisms ultimately rest on a failure to grasp Quine's resolutely minimalist understanding of language use.
Four new NSG regional hubs were announced for Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai after the attack -- when the NSG commandos could not reach Mumbai in time from their headquarters in Manesar, Gurgaon, to stop the ten terrorists from getting entrenched in various places in the city to carry out their plans.
In a statement ahead of this anniversary, Hague said that these events showed that the desire for freedom can overcome entrenched and repressive regimes.
This method of inquiry proved particularly powerful for not only developing insights but also shattering deeply entrenched myths.
Higher inflation is beginning to be entrenched in inflationary expectations and is likely to have an adverse effect on the well being of the poor through an erosion of real incomes.