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The post Entrenched views will never be put aside by either side appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
City housing boss Coun Sharon Thompson pointed to the use of a pilot scheme called Housing First as an attempt to take "entrenched" rough sleepers off the streets.
Tenders are invited for housing first service for entrenched rough sleepers with complex and multiple needs
Its rivals in the streaming business (Netflix and Amazon) are no less hungry, no less entrenched, and no less cut-throat.
Also during this time, the various positions of MPs have become thoroughly entrenched.
The Scottish Government findings exposed "entrenched" problems with inequality.
The Entrenched Board continues to make the same, debunked claim that the Independent Slate's only plan is to sell the Company when we have stated clearly that our call for a sale was specific to the strategic review period with this dysfunctional leadership team in place.
More importantly, Senator Lanlehin (SOLAN) wishes to thank all members of the party, as well as the good people of Oyo State for their support and encouragement while the process lasted, and wishes to note that the real task of emancipating our people from the clutches of lack and want the ruling APC has thrown them into, and restoring them to the paths of prosperity as is to be entrenched by the incoming ADC government, has just begun.
At ABC and UNHRC, the bias is so entrenched that it has become the unquestioned norm.
Summary: Speaker Nabih Berri commended the Lebanese Army operation on the northeastern border against Daesh (ISIS) militants entrenched in the area late Sunday.
GENEVA -- The Bank of International Settlements warned Sunday that persistently low interest rates were symptoms of a malaise in the global economy that could end in entrenched instability.
Hadn't the entrenched oligarchies stridden into the party as well in strength to elbow out the commoners to the sidelines?