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ENTREPOT. A warehouse; a magazine where goods are deposited, and which are again to be removed.

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Again, the Gulf carriers are well positioned in their role of entrepot service providers.
The young Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, now ruler, tapped him to create the links that would turn an entrepot town into today's skyscraper-strewn paean to commercialism.
The required investment in the Expo site and related infrastructure fits in well with pre-existing plans to increase the emirate's transport, trade and tourism capacity as it cements its role as a regional entrepot.
II reste que, durant cette periode, les principaux occupants de la rue McGill sont des magasins entrepot s (figures 6 et 7).
The 1980s and 1990s, in particular, witnessed a dramatic shift from Vancouver's traditional role of entrepot for raw materials from Canada's interior into a diverse and dynamic Pacific Metropolis.
Export development programmes should emphasize impact (in EDB's case, these new approaches could include promoting business and professional services, entrepot trade and focusing on a wider range of export product sectors).
Alexandria was the focus of the Hellenic world, by far the largest city before the rise of Rome: the Greek-speaking world's greatest entrepot and its intellectual powerhouse.
As colonization unfolds, a distinctive settlement structure or "colonization gradient" typically extends outward from an entrepot (Detroit) which links the new region to the long-settled area.
Bahrain's status as an international entrepot has ensured that the city has restaurants catering to every possible taste, and once dinner is over the party begins with live music available at just about every hotel.
Especially important is the city's contribution to the Gold Rush as an entrepot, because it was located midway between San Francisco and the mining areas and served as commercial facilitator between the coast and the interior.
Dubai's warm waters have always attracted traders; today, as its oil runs out, the city's status as an entrepot of trade is regularly boosted by a burgeoning exhibition and conference industry.
Dubai, Sharjah, the UAE generally is a trading entrepot [or gateway] for the whole region.