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Winning entries must meet clearly stated objectives and show originality and results.
There are no entries for such major dancers as Ann Reinking, Merrill Ashley, Darci Kistler, Christopher Gillis, Virginia Johnson, Peter Boal, Susan Jaffe, Sylvie Guillem, or Darcey Bussell.
Dynamic entries made by multiple three-officer teams have become common practice in many agencies.
From more than 2,000 entries, 28 will receive Awards of Excellence and 81, Awards of Merit.
The brief required all entries to respect various existing elements of the site - for instance the common to the west, the university and other institutions to the north, certain protected natural wetland areas within the site, and the Belle Center, the national exhibition centre which at the moment rather bizarrely projects into the middle of the common.
Illustrative of this point is the Court's relatively recent application of a warrant requirement to police entries into private premises for the purpose of effecting arrests inside.
These include an Award of Excellence to a French-language entry and two Awards of Merit to Spanish-language entries.
Nearly 3,000 entries from all over the world represented the best the profession has to offer.