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n. slang for a criminal defendant's previous record of criminal charges, convictions, or other judicial disposal of criminal cases (such as probation, dismissal or acquittal). Only previous felony convictions can be introduced into evidence. However, the record of "priors" can have an impact on sentencing, as with prior drunk driving convictions requiring mandatory jail sentences, and "three strikes, you're out," providing for extended sentences for the third felony conviction.

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Section 3, presents the relationship between distance and entropy measures along with example to check the performance of entropy measures on the basis of intuition.
An entropy E of this signal is used to evaluate different levels of unbalance.
As Entropy unfolds, an increasingly complex creation myth emerges.
where [S.sub.B] ([GAMMA]) is the system entropy in the macrostate [GAMMA], [kappa] is Boltzmann's constant and [W.sub.[GAMMA]] is proportional to the macrostate probability.
"Our study offers the first solid evidence that functional MRI scans of brain entropy are a new means to understanding human intelligence," says study lead investigator Glenn Saxe, MD, a professor in child and adolescent psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine and a member of NYU Langone Health's Neuroscience Institute.
introduced the concept of graph entropy for special weighted graphs by using Randic edge weights and proved extremal properties of graph entropy for some elementary families of graphs.
The distance between fuzzy sets and the entropy measure are very important to calculate the degree of fuzziness of a fuzzy set, and a lot of work as mentioned above has been contributed to the literature by various researchers.
Tikhonovsky, "Structure and mechanical properties of a light-weight AlNbTiV high entropy alloy," Materials Letters, vol.
Here [[??].sub.h] gives entropy of horizon and entropy of matter inside horizon is represented by [[??].sub.in].
In other words, Shannon's entropy is the minimum value of Kerridge's inaccuracy.
The uncertainty appearing in a HHMM can be quantified by entropy. This concept is applied for quantifying the uncertainty of the state sequence tracked from a single observational sequence and model parameters.