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Jersey, not being a sovereign state, cannot sign or ratify international agreements in its own right unless entrusted to do so by Letters of Entrustment provided by the UK government, as is the case with tax information exchange agreements.
Unlike inducement of infringement, which is a form of secondary liability, negligent entrustment is an independent tort.
A "trustee" must be chosen via a tender in cases of the entrustment on the basis of the state and municipal ownerships.
Mitchell Lee Seiders and Nicole Edblom: Plaintiff alleges negligence and negligent entrustment.
These are " Self-Consignment Imports" (SCI), and "the Entrustment Scheme" (ES).
Negligent entrustment and storage | There is nothing novel about tort liability for a gun owner who provides a weapon to someone he should know is likely to misuse it, or who negligently allows such a person to obtain a weapon he owns.
was convicted of embezzling the cash after it was deposited in his law firm's bank account as an entrustment for the Thai premier to purchase Manchester City Football Club.
The 46-year-old lawyer was found guilty of embezzling the cash after it was deposited in his law firm's bank account as an entrustment, for the Thai premier to purchase the football club.
You should be very interested in the interviewer's response as it might indicate the potential for both advancement and future entrustment of greater responsibility within the firm.
To bolster the development of domestic investment trust industry, the FSC will assist domestic assets-management firms to obtain the entrustment of the four major public funds for overseas investments.
Under the project, Sojitz and Hitachi Zosen will construct a bioethanol producing demonstration plant and verify the technology under NEDO's entrustment contract.
Botti, while disappointed to lose his stable star, revealed he had been buoyed by the entrustment of two yearlings to him by the Coolmore connections.