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SDK will entrust funds to the Trustee within the scope approved by the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors' meeting stipulated in item (i) above (the trust to be established through the entrustment of funds is hereinafter referred to as "the Trust").
A priest celebrated a Mass for Enzo's 'entrustment' to us in a quaint chapel and many of the sisters joined us.
The plaintiffs brought claims of negligence and wantonness against Hasberry and Tri-County Trucking, along with claims of negligent entrustment and negligent supervision against Tri-County Trucking.
However, it argued that "entrustment" only applied to chattels (legalese for personal as opposed to real property) and therefore damage to real property was not excluded.
After a lapse of over two months the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) remains clueless about unscrupulous elements involved in misusing Entrustment Scheme (ES) to bring gold worth Rs 10.86 billion in the country it is learnt on Friday.
Jalal Yousif Al- Degair is due to address tomorrow Monday the opening of the conference for Arab woman in Technology and Sciences organized by the Ministry of Sciences and Communication with the collaboration of the Arab Organization for Sciences and Technology and the Africa Technology City which comes for the completion of the first conference for Arab Woman in sciences and technology on the entrustment of Arab Woman in the field of sciences and technology hosted by Dubai city.
This process of bibliofication, particularly illustrated in the entrustment (parindana) episodes of Mahayana sutras, will also show that textual discourses had a sacred tactile presence.
The 46-year-old lawyer was found guilty of embezzling the cash after it was deposited in his law firm's bank account as an entrustment, for the Thai premier to purchase the football club.
Apart from the specific conditions for in-house on state aid, these semi-public entities are subject to application of the scheme for state aid for SGEI (definition of SGEI missions, entrustment, calculation and award of contracts under a public procurement procedure and financing of SGEI at market cost).The Commission clearly points this out in its 2010 guide to SGEI and state aid.
KEA, Land, Labour and Entrustment: West African female farmers and the politics of difference.
Under the project, Sojitz and Hitachi Zosen will construct a bioethanol producing demonstration plant and verify the technology under NEDO's entrustment contract.
Botti, while disappointed to lose his stable star, revealed he had been buoyed by the entrustment of two yearlings to him by the Coolmore connections.