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These are a must-have in almost all of my entryway decor designs.
"We pioneered the fiberglass door system to eliminate builder callbacks, reduce maintenance and make entryways a stunning addition to any home.
What space do you have to work with, and is it enough to create an entryway?
A few of the major improvements include the entryway, which must be modified to
"According to the research, the added perceived value of an enhanced entryway was four to five times the investment," said Jerry Oleshansky, Therma-Tru's VP of sales and marketing, in a press release.--K.T.
The multi-million dollar renovations to the building will include a new lobby and entryway; a complete upgrade of HVAC, electrical and mechanical systems; new elevator cabs and state-of-the-art fire/ life safety systems.
Aligning the airport's entryway with that of the gallery, Green draws a parallel between their distinct "scriptings" of space.
The $200,000 allocated by Council Member Martinez will be used towards the exterior renovation, including new crown molding, some landscaping and a new entryway. Funding from NYSERDA will go towards green and sustainable features that will help the environment and save money over the long-term.
Upon entering the lobby, residents and guests will pass under the original signage for The Hit Factory, which still shines above the entryway. The interior lobby will be surrounded by steel-and-stone panels that will feature a wall display of the multiple gold and platinum records recorded at The Hit Factory by acclaimed artists such as Paul Simon, John Lennon, Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen.
One large table-skirting sculpture, The girlfriend picked the colors (all works 2002), had been installed in the gallery's entryway, a marginal space rarely used for exhibitions.
The three-story, 320,000-square-foot building, located at 445 South Street will be completely redeveloped into one of Advance's Class A signature "World Class Business Environments." Advance's capital improvement program will consist of a dramatic new entryway and two-story lobby, an entirely new roof, HVAC systems, upgraded window systems, tenant lobbies and common areas, as well as extensive site work and landscaping.
Eliot's poem "Journey of the Magi" in the gallery, Duwenhogger indicates that the three figures are holy men of sorts, perhaps to be referred in turn to the figures depicted in a small painting in the entryway: Sunday Afternoon shows three workers in a cozily decorated construction trailer whose windows open Onto a view of an austere modern building.