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Your entryway says a lot about your home and personality, and replacing your entry door has a dramatic impact on your home's appearance," said James Carey, co-host of On The House.
It also highlights the business-class section forward of the entryway and economy class aft of the entryway.
May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- EcoPath(TM) has teamed up with the Washington State Convention Center to provide an environmentally friendly solution for the entryway mats in their buildings.
He offered no specifics on the entryway, but it likely would include a food court, possibly a picnic area and various other attractions.
March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- EcoPath(TM) Sustainable Entryway Systems were recently selected among the Top Five Green Products for Retail and Business Interiors at last year's 2009 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.
The building will feature a dramatic new entryway and two-story lobby.
With an Entryway Inspired by the Energy of an Athlete's Experience Inside a Stadium Tunnel, the Performance Apparel and Footwear Brand's First Branded Retail Store Makes its Debut
The project - to be built at an oak-studded slope at the entryway to the city - is a scaled-back version of the original development of 90 units within 30 triplexes.
The store features an immense bronze statue of brand ambassador "Big E", a "stadium tunnel" entryway, a 120-inch rear projection HD television screen, a 32-inch multi-media touch-screen kiosk containing branded interactive content and educational elements, and a look and feel that represents the collision of athletics, science, industry and performance.
The grand translucent entryway draws the passerby's view into the building envelope and provides a glimpse into New York City's storied past.
Officers also used pry tools to open doors or smash windows or saws to cut through debris blocking an entryway.