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Then there was the crashing about of the entwined bodies, the laboured breathing, the short quick gasps of sudden pain.
When these were done, she took some needle-work from her basket, and sat herself down upon a stool beside the lattice, where the honeysuckle and woodbine entwined their tender stems, and stealing into the room filled it with their delicious breath.
my lord,'' said Isaac, ``your law permits you not to know how the child of our bosom is entwined with the strings of our heart O Rebecca
With colorful prose, Behind the Eyes We Meet is a story of fates entwined and the unviewed internal lives of others.
Entwined is highly recommended especially for artist biography collections, and makes for rapturous reading.
IF you're having one of those days Just reach for the book and perfect page Reminding you of all the good times you had When you were ever so pleased you were glad When you laughed out loud and had a ball When you knew not, that you had it all When the time slipped by ever so fast When all trhe kids left home in a flash When the grandkids came and your world turned around When your feet never even touched the ground When two became one, in the blink of an eye When rainbows and clouds seemed to collide Happy memories of two souls entwined into one As life takes its course and still carries on
Drucker presents this exploration of the emerging ogay normality,o parallel to and entwined with traditional heteronormativity, and its relationship to capitalism as well as the continued invention of transgressive identifiers such as the current use of the moniker oqueero for more fluid identities.
They discovered that in locations on the Sun where the magnetic field is distorted, magnetic field lines flowing from the Sun's surface are continuously becoming entwined and untwined, creating new magnetic structures in the process.
The stylised use of sound and light here is reminiscent of 2012's indie darling Journey but, in truth, Entwined is a more straightforward and shallow proposition whose campaign can comfortably be completed in little over an hour.
Each book in the Entwined series is a stand-alone volume, co-written by award-winning romance and erotica authors.
The Entwined Histories project, which has been delivered by Co-operation Ireland and Cinemagic, has involved 80 young people from six schools and youth groups.
has developed a space-saving two-way feeder system that is capable of reliably aligning and supplying randomly entwined coil springs.