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There flashed into his mind the picture of her mother, of the kiss of greeting, and of the pair of them walking toward him with arms entwined.
It trembled through her nerves; it entwined itself mysteriously with the finest sensibilities in her nature; it softly opened her heart to a first vague surmising of the devotion that she had inspired in him.
That being clearly stated, I take it to be, as it were, a duty, that we should extend our patronage to a degraded stage, even for the sake of the associations with which it is entwined.
Her pale lips quivered, and her fingers trembled with agitation, as she nervously entwined them in the hair-chain to which was appended her small gold watch - the only thing of value she had permitted herself to keep.
Then there was the crashing about of the entwined bodies, the laboured breathing, the short quick gasps of sudden pain.
She was watching them both, a steely light in her eyes, her fingers nervously entwined.
With his long arms open, and each great paw clutching at a stanchion, he stopped the rush of seven entwined Chinamen rolling like a boulder.
Clennam's eyes had strayed to a natural picture on the wall, of two pretty little girls with their arms entwined.
Corney's aprong-string, round which is gradually became entwined.
She adores it; I may say that her whole soul and mind are wound up, and entwined with it.
When these were done, she took some needle-work from her basket, and sat herself down upon a stool beside the lattice, where the honeysuckle and woodbine entwined their tender stems, and stealing into the room filled it with their delicious breath.
And Drew remains too entwined with that world to look beyond her notebook and the smiling faces of her carefully cultivated sources.