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It was the mutual entwinement of political belatedness and aesthetic inadequacy that occupied me while writing Prose of the World: Modernism and the Banality of Empire (2013), a book on literature and colonial tedium.
However, the entwinement of Mimesis and Ratio can contribute to appalling regression as well as to utopian hope, depending upon the specific combinations.
This means that both the individual and temporal are suggested as carriers of the universal and immutable: double-edged characterization counterbalances double-edged plot as the serious comedia hints at the mysterious entwinement of ephemeral, sometimes even violent, tragic, and meaningless historical existence with immutable transcendental significance.
Amid increasingly alarmist political rhetoric seeking to link alleged Iraqi biological weapons programs to the lingering fear of terrorism, Preston's expertise via his intertextual entwinement with the cultural memory of The Hot Zongs Ebola virus narrative was assumed by those involved with biodefense policy analysis.
Tat is, McGann has been writing about the entwinement of texts with their material conditions of reading and writing, the authorial intention behind their production, and the necessity to view texts not as material things but as material events (6) since Michaels and Stephen Knapp first argued in 1982 against any axis of interpretation that serves as the premise for the pairing of intentionality/materiality.
Entwinement of formal and informal justice brings informal into formal practices (plea bargains), syphons off the case overflow clogging the formal justice system, and thereby reproduces "the hegemony of law.
To not account for this entwinement of the military-corporate power and then its extension into the world of politics, all leading to the imperial concept where currently there is a huge extraction of wealth from the global hinterland to the imperial heartland is fully misleading.
The fifth state action test, the Entwinement Test, examines the relationship between the state and the private entity to determine if the government is entwined with the private group's management or control.
Crocker speaks to the entwinement of feminism with criminal law advocacy in her essay Feminism and Defending Men on Death Row.
108) Adding to the multitude of tests it has employed in state action cases, the Court in Brentwood held "that the association's regulatory activity may and should be treated as state action owing to the pervasive entwinement of state school officials in the structure of the association," in part because there was "no offsetting reason to see the association's acts in any other way.
For it is especially the faint odors of wastes that set the inseparability of passions and humors in Galen apart from the entwinement of spirit and body in ancient China (and which distinguishes it markedly, for that matter, from contemporary dreams of reducing emotions to hormones and mind to brain).
The rest of this essay is dedicated to close readings of a few key passages in Survival in Auschwitz showing that the dilemma at the heart of Levi's testimony resides in the simultaneous entwinement of, and opposition between, the "Greek" and "Hebrew" modes.