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In Section 3 we introduce the notion of (right) entwining structure in a monoidal category and show that giving an entwining structure is equivalent to giving a (co)algebra structure in a suitable monoidal category of transfer morphisms through a (co)algebra (Proposition 3.2).
It is a profoundly pastoral landscape whose entwining of the natural and the human is best described as a Kulturlandschaft, German for cultural landscape.
The other chain branches as the elastomer forms, entwining itself with the latex particles like an overgrown root.
As Francis Mason put it recently, "He didn't get the girl, but he got the scarf.") In 1967, Robert Joffrey's Astarte placed an entwining duet amidst filmed close-ups, strobe lights, and rock music.
Their dance was an accelerated display of toes stabbing the floor, legs entwining or soaring into high extensions, jumps in attitude by one of the partners or simultaneously with the pair locked in a wild embrace.
Endalyn Taylor-Shellman (late of Dance Theatre of Harlem) and Karine Plantadit-Bageot and Michael Joy (both from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater) are among the dancers in the romantic, entwining ballet, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," in which they are supported by ropes.
Yet in the end the deliberateness of the carefully designed posing, shifting, and entwining of beautifully muscled bodies is apt to leave one craving the reckless spontaneity that distinguishes rambunctious postmodernism from the comparatively sedate, abstract modernism, of which Lewitzky is undoubtedly a master.