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12,13) For laparoscopic cystectomy, once the cyst is drained, we enucleate it and place the cyst capsule into a specimen bag that has been inserted transvaginally through a posterior colpotomy.
We concluded that cultural beliefs are not likely to be the cause of self enucleation because they are shared by a large number of people and cannot be a good explanation for the actions of the tiny minority who self enucleate," they wrote.
The myoma is grasped with the robotic tenaculum, and traction/counter-traction is then used to enucleate the myoma, with the tenaculum pulling away from a push-spread motion created with the scissor and a curved bipolar device in the opposite direction.
These approaches use lasers and other energy sources to vaporize or enucleate excess prostate tissue more safely, generally with less recovery time than TURP.