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The eye was enucleated 34 months after presentation, and histopathologic examination disclosed a biphasic tumor.
This proposed methodology contemplates the transfer of a somatic cell nucleus from a cell obtained from the ultimate patient/recipient into an enucleated egg.
The right eye was enucleated and showed retinoblastoma; there was no involvement of the optic nerve or choroid.
The process by which the nucleus of an adult cell is transferred to an enucleated egg creating cloned offspring is known as nuclear transfer.
In addition to a supply of eggs, nuclear transfer requires a supply of viable somatic cell nuclei to inject into the enucleated egg.
The article in Cloning describes how ACT researchers and their collaborators fused somatic cells of the endangered gaurs (Bos gaurus) with the enucleated oocytes from domestic cows (Bos taurus).
Invasion of choroid and sclera was only detected in 2 cases, which were enucleated.
5(l)(6) of Bill C-13 creates a de facto ban on SCNT research, as SCNT cloning creates an embryo from an enucleated ovum.
Establishment of pregnancy after the transfer of nuclear transfer embryos produced from the fusion of argali (Ovis ammon) nuclei into domestic sheep (Ovis aries) enucleated oocytes.
Doctors could take a skin cell nucleus and implant it in an enucleated human egg, resetting the cell's DNA.
Nuclear transfer is a process in which a nucleus from a donor cell is inserted into an enucleated oocyte (egg), which is then used to produce an embryo.