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In Boesmiller's case, the doctors had to use enucleation to remove her eyes following the diagnosis of cancer.
5 cm subvesical solid tumor of the anterior vaginal wall, compressing the bladder wall and associated with dyspareunia; they performed tumor enucleation verifying benign leiomyoma.
The study population included adult patients who underwent mandibular KCOT enucleation involving endoscopy with preoperative virtual 3D mandibular images between May and October 2009.
sup][7],[8],[9] Subserous myomas cause little adverse effect on fertility, and the enucleation of such myomas does not result in any obvious benefit for subsequent pregnancy.
Enucleation surgery can be an alternative method which has a lower morbidity rate.
Twelve of the 34 eyes that had VA under 3/60 resulted in phthisis bulbi, enucleation or evisceration.
The methods for treating a DC are enucleation and marsupialization, the latter being a more conservative approach.
A poorly understood consequence of enucleation is phantom eye syndrome (PES), which refers to visual phenomena that a patient experiences following enucleation.
Historically most cases of testicular JGCT have been treated with unilateral orchiectomy; however, testis-sparing enucleation has been performed with increasing frequency.
The end result was panophthalmitis which necessitated enucleation of eyeball.
At the time of enucleation and excision of dermoid cysts both ovaries should be thoroughly examined to ensure that all dermoid cysts have been removed.