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Enucleation is performed if there is no vision, as saving the child's life remains paramount.
The technique, single-port transvesical enucleation of the prostate (STEP), also may lead to another way to treat large-volume BPH, according to Mihir Desai, MD, director of Cleveland Clinic's Center for Endourology.
Not all injuries or diseases require removal of the eye through enucleation - a prosthetic eye costs about $3,000 and needs to be replaced every few years - but for psychological reasons many patients seek the procedure, which many insurance companies now cover.
Key words: Radicular Cyst, Enucleation, Primary Molar, Pulp therapy
The first polar body and the metaphase plate of an oocyte were drawn into an enucleation pipette (20 to 22 [micro]m i.
Objective: To analyze the results from 111 pediatric patients who underwent enucleation or evisceration at Barraquer Clinic, during 11 years (1990- 2000), determining the kind of correction used and complications associated with the procedure.
Enucleation is reserved for those patients who have or will have major visual damage.
22) In mice, these proteins do not concentrate around the meiotic spindle-chromosome complex and thus are not depleted during enucleation.
Following 5 days of training, the subjects were divided into the olfactory tract section (N = 10), eye enucleation (N = 10), and no-treatment groups (N = 10).
Monocular enucleation of tadpoles resulted in visibly diminished HNK-1 staining of the stratum opticum in the denervated optic tectum contralateral to the enucleation.