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Furthermore, the morcellation process might come after lengthy enucleation procedure that might oblige the surgeon to postpone it to another session (secondary morcellation).
Transurethral enucleation of the prostate adenoma using holmium laser (HoLEP) has been extensively studied over the past 15 years.
The enucleation phase of HoLEP was performed as previously described.
A dermis-fat graft (DFG) offers the advantages of relative availability and safe and stable orbital volume replacement following enucleation.
Only one of the secondary cases (Patient #9) had a history of radiotherapy to the orbit after enucleation due to retinoblastoma.
16,17) Poor socket vasculature with socket contracture, prior history of severe orbital trauma, chronic orbital inflammation, postoperative orbital volume loss with fat atrophy, or surgical removal of posterior orbital volume at the time of enucleation are predisposing factors for graft ulceration and necrosis.
Intraorbital implants after enucleation and their complications: a 10-year review.
Evaluation of efficacy and complications: primary pediatric orbital implants after enucleation.
Enucleation technique for children with retinoblastoma.
However, few studies have compared these two vaporizing enucleation technologies.
The HoLEP procedure was performed at a laser setting of 2 J and 50 Hz for enucleation, and 0.
Operation time, laser enucleation time, morcellation time, resected prostatic weight, hemoglobin decrease, and peri-operative complications were recorded.