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Construccion de los sujetos DTP 296 58 Paradestinatario Enumerable Programatico "Velare porque se respete la dignidad de los mexicanos, en particular la de los mas humildes, que a menudo sufren la ofensa de la arbitrariedad, la servidumbre, de la explotacion y la vejacion de la miseria".
A sequential Martin-Lof test (briefly, M-L test) is a recursively enumerable set U [subset of equal to] N x [Q.
Canali worked tirelessly and without complaint overseeing the enumerable details involved with closing the old school while preparing for the opening of a new school.
Ha requerido historicamente elementos juridicos, matematicos, estadisticos y, por supuesto, economicos, ya que su proposito es reconocer y/o abstraer la realidad enumerable y con sentido (util) de las organizaciones.
He has spent enumerable hours in design and redesign and at the machines in his shop producing a rifle that promises greatness.
If P contains all recursively computable distributions, then M becomes the celebrated enumerable universal prior.
This issue aside, neo-formalism still faces Godelian worries, which is to say: so long as theoremhood in the relevant formal systems is recursively enumerable, mathematical truth will outstrip formal proof.
The point is that languages are not really definable or enumerable in any easy way, and linguists that have claimed to do so with too much assurity have not helped understand how languages are used.
Exposure of sensitive data through a mobile device might cause enumerable damage.
We noted that some enumerable things (for example, the cows in the field,) do not contain number, since they lack the unity requisite for number itself.
El lenguaje del sistema LT, consta de un conjunto enumerable de formulas atomicas; de los conectivos binarios [flecha diestra], [disyuncion], [conjuncion], [flecha diestra y siniestra]; el conectivo unario ~; y un conectivo unario + (operador de validez o tautologia).