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In his remarks, Alhaji Nura Ahmed, Director, Planning, Research and Statistics, State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), emphasised the importance of mapping enumeration of out-of-school children.
He continues that the citywide enumeration project will involve the introduction of software that will serve as a pilot to track the general layout of neighborhoods and house locations in Monrovia and establish the amount of waste generated in the city per area.
These novel discoveries have important clinical implications that extend above and beyond the prognostication of metastatic disease by simple EpCAM-based CTC enumeration. Furthermore, because epithelial CTCs are likely to be shed from well-differentiated cell clones, there is a distinct possibility for EpCAM-based platforms to overlook CTCs shed from cell clones undergoing EMT (13).
When contacted, PPP's parliamentary leader in the upper house of the parliament, Senator Taaj Haider confirmed that the party was yet to decide on its support to the government's bill and wanted the government to respond to its proposals submitted on post-census enumerations.When asked whether Bilawal had directed the party to support the government's bill in Sunday's meeting, Taaj Haider said he had got no such direction.
Senator Taj Haider demanded the formation of a mutually agreed 'Census Commission' comprising of recognized demographers to supervise and undertake the Post Enumeration Survey.
The Enumeration Principle as a Continuity Tender A.
The enumeration principle is familiar to all first-year constitutional law students.
"Initial enumeration of Maspero area indicates that there are 3,100 families and about 857 shops," the governor said.
Second, the conventional approach implicitly treats the enumeration of congressional powers as a matter of independent principle, rather than as a strategic choice intended to preserve local decision making and individual rights.
public health enumeration efforts, CDC conducted its first agency enumeration in 2012.
There can be wide variation in platelet counts in cases with dengue virus infection as was evident during the 2010 outbreak of DENV infection in Delhi in 1886 cases that were tested concurrently for DENV NS1 antigen IgM IgG along with an enumeration of circulating platelets.
Rabbinic tradition has it that 613 commandments were given to Moses on Mount Sinai, but it does not specify those included in the enumeration. Maimonides methodically and artfully crafts a list of 613 commandments in a work that serves as a prolegomenon to the Mishneh Torah.