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You've probably seen these general sentiments expressed here before, but it may help to enunciate them as the Two-Step.
"Annunciate means announce whereas enunciate means to articulate words distinctly.
* Enunciate words distinctly but without exaggeration.
The push to add value and the need for mining corporates to invest part of their mining revenue to develop local infrastructure are part of the African mining vision which the official will enunciate at the China Mining Conference and Exhibition this week.
HOW did Brown have the gall, how did Brown has the audacity, how did Brown have the insolence, to enunciate the word 'democracy" in relation to the killing of Benazir Bhutto, pictured, when he has signed away our birthright without a referendum on the revised EU Constitution - whose accounts have not been passed for 13 years?
It must have taken no less of a herculean hysteria to actually assemble and enunciate a vocabulary of feminist sculpture in the land of the Masters--a task that Genzken performed with a dogged and eventually triumphant obstinacy that associates her with her admired fellow Hanseatic elder Hanne Darboven.
The last words in 2 Samuel and 1 Kings paint a picture of the ideal king, articulate the retribution theology of the Deuteronomistic Historian, and enunciate David's brutal advice to Solomon to get rid of all his enemies.
C.I.: In case some of our readers are as fuzzy on this score as I am, could you briefly enunciate the differences in duties between a bishop and an archbishop?
In his preface to Reading and Writing in Shakespeare, a collection of essays edited from a 1992 Shakespeare Association of America seminar, David Bergeron fittingly allows Heminge and Condell's plea in Shakespeare's First Folio to enunciate his own desire: "And there we hope, to your divers capacities, you will find enough both to draw and hold you." The diversity of topics and critical approaches presented in these twelve essays should prove gratifying for students of Renaissance intertextuality and Shakespearean drama.
She has to remember to speak slowly, enunciate her words clearly and repeat it all if necessary.
Seth can enunciate his rock-god lineage; Kathleen might be channeling Kathleen Hanna, Siouxsie Sioux, or even Meinhof but declaims nothing, even if the entire sequence is called, in an intertitle, "Kathleen's 8-Track Demo." Only after this does Seth get to rock out by himself: He plays a riff and says it's what we'll remember.
At a meeting of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on February 24, 2000, the Holy Father quoted a dictum from the encyclical Populorum progressio (Pope Paul VI, 1963, #39, 8), to the effect that "all social action involves a doctrine." The Church's function, he said, is to enunciate the basic ethical principles governing the functions of society.