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In his preface to Reading and Writing in Shakespeare, a collection of essays edited from a 1992 Shakespeare Association of America seminar, David Bergeron fittingly allows Heminge and Condell's plea in Shakespeare's First Folio to enunciate his own desire: "And there we hope, to your divers capacities, you will find enough both to draw and hold you.
She has to remember to speak slowly, enunciate her words clearly and repeat it all if necessary.
Seth can enunciate his rock-god lineage; Kathleen might be channeling Kathleen Hanna, Siouxsie Sioux, or even Meinhof but declaims nothing, even if the entire sequence is called, in an intertitle, "Kathleen's 8-Track Demo.
The Church's function, he said, is to enunciate the basic ethical principles governing the functions of society.
His conclusion that the Volta Pinta becomes a sort of "manifesto," whereby Tuti and the cultivated class of Assisi enunciate their objectives of good government and caution those who would challenge its leadership, would be more persuasive had he clarified the social and political situation in mid-sixteenth-century Assisi.
The image-by-image sequence served to enunciate the idea of opposites, the dyads male/female and sensuous/rational, and the contrived meeting of art with sport.
Occasionally he fails to enunciate his words clearly but this is a minor quibble.
Yep, they know the words to this song quite well, understand the meaning of each word, hold their hats over their hearts when singing it, are not embarrassed to enunciate each word with vim and vigor and are the first to shout out their love for our country.