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My youth has nothing to do with what I have enunciated.
Well, all I got to say," he enunciated solemnly, "is that Billy's so lucky he don't know how lucky he is.
He had heard that Sir Felix had left College with the character of being little better than a revolutionist in politics and an infidel in religion, and he arrived conscientiously at the conclusion that it was his bounden duty to summon the lord of the manor to hear sound views enunciated in the parish church.
which proclamation, though grandly formal, and one might almost say heraldic, to hear, was in fact enunciated with her maternal eyes reproachfully glaring on that young lady in the flesh--and in so much of it that she was retiring with difficulty into the small closet under the stairs, apprehensive of the emergence of Mr and Mrs Boffin.
ISLAMABAD, January 25, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani emphasized that adherence to trichotomy as enunciated in the Constitution is imperative for good governance which alone could help resolve the challenges confronting the country.
Nothing so grand is ever enunciated, of course; but in the utterly convincing, vernacular byplay through which the characters express themselves, an entire, experiential universe is outlined.
The court turned to the three-pronged test enunciated in Lychuk, 116 TC 374 (2001), which calls for capitalizing an expenditure if it (1) creates or enhances a separate and distinct asset, (2) produces a significant future benefit or (3) is incurred in connection with acquiring a capital asset.
He maintained that HEC did not provide funds to the private sector universities as per funding mandate enunciated in the ordinance, HEC allocated funds to the universities on 'need and performance basis, he added.
The Nenasa Scheme is in operation to broaden Distance Educational opportunities for schools equipped with Mahindodaya Technical Laboratories constructed along with the 1000 Secondary Schools programme established with the intention of achieving the aims as enunciated in the Mahinda Chinthana Way Forward.
We have built our business model on the concept that a laboratory must be more than a laboratory and we have enunciated that intention for quite a while now.
Lee Sarokin found, after reviewing extensive legal memoranda and hearing oral argument, that Best Buy's complaint stated a valid cause of action under federal and state antitrust laws and met the current vigorous standards recently enunciated by the United States Supreme Court.
In Indopco, the lower court abandoned the test enunciated in Lincoln Savings, concuding that the absence of a separate and distinct additional asset did not preclude a finding that the expenditure is capital in nature.