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Moreover, these separate contexts of political change shared a common ferment of ideas on precisely the ground Thomas presumes, defined by emergent notions of participatory democracy, the expanding boundaries of citizenship, the ethics of public engagement, the bases for enunciating claims to knowledge, and so forth.
He urged masses to be aware of the conspiracies of west enunciating that these capitalists and imperialist elements destroyed Iraq and Swat and now they have planned to push Balochistan to the verge of destruction to quench their imperialistic thrust.
Hal Rothberg lacks appreciation of the fact that millions of Americans regard what he calls ``rantings and ravings'' by the right-wing radio hosts as enunciating the truth by these dedicated people, as well as articulating the political correctness of our times.
In the 1960s, Melvin Webber read the same diagram as a model that could be applied to Los Angeles, and in enunciating the 'non-place urban realm' appeared to legitimate car-domination over pedestrian and public transport.