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In line 15, the use of a complete enunciation is noted, which did not need the therapist's interpretation.
Titled "Taekwondo, enunciation of peace," the event celebrated the martial art's new legal status as a national sport after the National Assembly's plenary meeting passed the revision of the Law for Taekwondo Promotion in March.
In addition to active sync functionality, the existing Quantum PLC system is upgraded to the latest M580 hot standby system and a power monitoring system is being added to provide the 911 call center with more visibility into the system status while providing alarm enunciation capabilities.
The main question--and challenge--that dominates the book asks what the locus of enunciation of this new type of critical production is.
The two ballads call for the enunciation of these values especially at a time where the black community is about to face a new wave of persecution and discrimination from the newly installed US President Donald Trump.
Drawing upon the lyrics of sacred choral texts, Montgomery offers exercises in enunciation and transcription.
State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali moved the bill to provide for the establishment of institutions and enunciation of mechanisms and procedures for effective conservation and efficient use of energy in the House.
We start with reflections by Zir (UCPEL-RS) on the Foucauldian enunciation from a criticism of the dialectic notion of negativity, and also considering the use that post-Structuralists make of notions coming from Linguistics, such as plethora of meaning and floating signifier.
NNA - Ein- Teeneh Enunciation Day highlights, included a congratulatory message by House Speaker Nabih Berri to Christians in which he well-wished them a speedy recovery from their present plight.
Emile Benveniste (1902-1976) is recognized as the leading representative of Linguistics of Enunciation and the chain that became known as theories of enunciation.
They had some great moments, including a thrilling crescendo in "And He shall purify", some excellent enunciation in "For unto us a child is born", nimble singing in "His yoke is easy" and "He trusted in God", plus a genuinely exultant shout at the start of "Let us break their bonds asunder".
The five-member Constitution Bench was constituted to take a call on the issue after a three-judge bench had on February 25 referred the case to a larger bench, saying it was extremely important to have a clear enunciation of law in view of inconsistent opinions on the issue in its previous judgment.