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It can be perceived, initially, that the use of short, simple enunciations prevailed in her speech, in which she usually used a verb and an object, for example: "binca boua" (play ball), or designated any toys by only saying "binquedo" (toy).
In the 8-page judgment, the court mentions that it's another matter that the Army Chief was unmoved by the anchor's enunciation. The said programme was in violation of various clauses of the PEMRA Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015.
Dealing with the plastic materiality of enunciations, the author establishes dialogues between those authors when analyzing esthetic aspects of bodily deformities in art.
Her understanding of Respighian phraseology and melange was evident in the a piacere enunciations in "Stornellatrice," the sentimental elan of European salons and drawing rooms evoked in "Invito alla danza," and the impressionistic aspirations of "Pioggia."
It would also be an arduous task to determine in which poetic enunciations there exists no form of hidden narcissism--especially inside the linguistic axis--and which line, when crossed, leads to overt poetic narcissism.
This table highlights the fact that Benveniste's initial opposition of enunciations hides a tri-partition involving a combination of an enunciation criterion (enunciation position) and a narratological criterion (diegesis): an autonomous diegesis ("story enunciation"), a linked diegesis (discursive enunciation), and direct interaction (discursive enunciation).
McMahon does an amazing job portraying all characters utilizing a variety of accents, as well as stunningly believable male and female enunciations. This material is beautifully romantic, historical, and tragic.
If, for instance, Sehgal uses a word such as "deproduces" (with all its Marxian flavor) to characterize the ephemeral enunciations that constitute his practice (he leaves behind no objects, permits no documentation, and only sells his work by verbal contract in the presence of a notary), he nonetheless chafes under the pressure of efforts to bring his art in line with the antimarket idealism of historical Conceptualism.
and have a good war." These are just a few of the enunciations occupying space across the American landscape.
The circulation of discourses is largely proper to institutions and they are undertaken by the repetition of enunciations, "[...] They produce the subject under the form of a juridical subject" (PECHEUX, 1997, p.
The narration of Lenny Henry is extraordinary, moving from the lilting cadences of the islands to British and American enunciations as he distinguishes each character.
False starts become visible records of her hesitancy, like the stutter that precedes enunciations too long or complex to be managed in a single utterance.