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When presenting the relation between this unit of analysis, the enunciative function and man, his main object of study, the author allows us to enter into historicity through the relation that a statement maintains with others, its repeatable materiality, but also through its rarity, considering that the enunciative function never repeats itself.
30-49) enunciative productivity in media and Jerome Bruner's (2001, p30) concept of the tellability criterion of a story.
The movement was the mode in which a virtual enunciative machine actualized itself.
The African Rights Report on the gacaca trials, "Confessing to Genocide," conspicuously locates the subject of truth and testimony on the site of the moral, memorial, and political knowledge of neighborliness--its spatial networks, its customary laws, its diurnal temporality of routines, its memory of neighborly negotiations, its epistemological and enunciative practices of orality and conviviality.
Groensteen, when analyzing the semiotics and enunciative impact of such interstices or peripheral zones, contends, "the margin can, in playing within diverse parameters, inform the contents of the page and inflect its perceptions" (33).
We may find the richest implications of paradox in Woolf's confrontations with power, and adopt syncretic, supple critical practices that take their lead from Woolf's own way of looking at the world, as Chantal Delourme writes of Woolf's diary, "'reading' its discourses and inscribing ever-renewed sites of enunciative dissonance" (193).
The purpose of the current analysis is to take into account the various parameters within an enunciative context and to assess their relevance for a temporal or causal interpretation.
In view of the fact that since the Renaissance and the Enlightenment the enunciative privilege has historically belonged to the six modern European languages (13) considered apt for rational thinking, Menchu could not have made her voice heard in her native Quiche-Maya, and her inadequate command of Spanish made her rely on an editor form the other side of the colonial difference (14) who could legitimate her story.
We chose a definition which seems to highlight very well the jamming of the enunciative marks, even until the substitution between the words of other one and the words of the narrator:
Foucault interestingly speaks in passing of a "field or presence" within the enunciative field, noting the importance of its absences as well, and implicitly (I would add), the spaces that sit somewhere between those two categories (Foucault, 57-58).
The progressively deeper and deeper implication of humans within computational networks occurs through their initial desubjectifying treatment simply as input-output devices, in which human interactions are parsed into something machines can understand, into a 'language' that abstracts out from the enunciative qualities of discourse that might otherwise allow us to speak of subjection.
Notably, in the current discussion, the deviations in generic pattern are not in the first instance formal or thematic but rather changes in the enunciative situation itself, in the relation between sender or writer and receiver or reader.