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Si para Genette la inclusion de estas notas en la categoria paratextual se justifica mediante una supuesta ruptura "in the enunciative regime," cabria preguntarse la legitimidad de esta categorizacion.
Using the classical themes of exile and migration, the author explores the limits of the individual and the collective identity in search of the enunciative experience where the French language itself loses its identity as a result of being deterritorialized.
Chesnutt persistently displays a disjuncture between the content of romantic values and their enunciative function at the moment they are cited.
Identification has its basis in a shared enunciative position rather than a high level of abstraction.
To take part in a conversation (and/or to come into a dialogical relationship) means to grant such an enunciative contribution of sense, as to show who is speaking, what could legitimize what he/she is saying and which is its claim of validity.
Bartleby's story is described as "discourse of enunciative and affiliative plenum and a corporeal dynamics of towardness, openness, adherence, abidance, and circumambulation", and the character himself as "post-performative, post-scribal (as well as post-scripted), un-pretentious, 'anybody', which is to say as a positively existing in-dividual, a 'groundling'; in other words still--a salient human being" (Semrau 2009a: 99).
More specifically, papers address such topics as conscious and unconscious processes in readers' narrative experiences, narrative-multiplicity and indeterminacy of reference, endings in drama and performance--a theoretical model; narratives as literary commonplaces in late medieval and early modern medical writings; and enunciative narratology--a French specialty.
A pragmatic and enunciative approach captures simultaneously both interactional and institutional levels.
Rather than whole, seamless, or naturally-occurring, culture and identity are the result of differentiation in social relations precisely because identities are constructed within, not outside discourse, we need to understand them as produced in specific historical and institutional sites within specific discursive formations and practices, by specific enunciative strategies.
Thus the enunciative and dialogic understanding of culture had won the day.
racial enunciative statements, such gross features always make a painfully significant difference.
Ozpetek breaks the shot/reverseshot convention he has been following almost exclusively up to this point in order to present two enunciative voices overlapping.