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aims at clarifying the way the text speaks of its speakers(/subjects), by weaving the complex link with the image the enunciator elaborates of him/her self and of the addressee.
The enunciator can omit possible meanings, which are undesired and incoherent with the sustained point of view.
The system also uses easy-to-read, color-coded LightSticks, or an audible enunciator, to convey machine performance to those who work on the shop floor.
This makes it rather ironic that the existing and self-contradictory condition of public political philosophy in most of the Western democracies--the "libertarian socialism" of which I speak--may be seen as a reflection of the same conflicting strands in Mill himself, for in many respects, at least in English-speaking countries, he has been the default enunciator of both trends.
Truck cabs feature at least two panic buttons as well as an intercom microphone and enunciator for controllers to speak to drivers.
The LDRF is connected to the university's enunciator system, so staff are alerted to situations that would require moving to a place of safety.
He also asserts that "in the text there is an enunciator subject (I, you, we), a place of enunciation (here), and a time of enunciation (now) in relation to the recipient of the text" and, even more unhelpfully, that "the self-portrait is the sum of a grammatical category (ego), a syntactical structure (reflexivity), and a modalization (will).
Jessie had been stone deaf from the age of about ten, and though she was a dab hand at lip-reading, Dad was no great enunciator, and neither was I.
The Sentinel monitoring option offers alarms that indicate a ground fault or overload condition and identifies which circuit is a fault via a display on the front enunciator panel.
As those perceptions are communicated, language choices made by the orator become both the enunciator and delineator of a "truth.
It is also seen in the mysterious demotion of that perfect enunciator Moira Stewart, who these days works in the bowels of Broadcasting House, reading the news at godforsaken hours.
The reader should also consider the way in which the textual Aquinas insists upon a subject position of "not only the privileged, but also virtually the exclusive, enunciator of this discourse.