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Metaphors create possible worlds since they intercept reasons of analogy between cognitive areas, but also because they enlighten the relational profile of interlocutors, disseminating traces of both the enunciator and his ideal addressee.
An oracle is any voice whose social discourse dictates that it is nonrevisable and thus that it is unnecessary for its enunciators to hear other voices except in a perfunctory manner.
Six easy-to-read enunciators and an added red and green stop/go feature boost communication and expand versatility.
What they do show, though, is just how dependant the language of drama is on its enunciators.
To a far greater extent than in the past, we recognize "viewable disabilities" and make needed accommodations; in the school and work setting, to the increase of ramps on the curbs of streets, enunciators in elevators, and beyond.
Surgical ward and medical ward call bells can not be heard once staff are 10 to 15 metres from the desk, as speakers and enunciators are only located at the desk.
185) It seems Lieber had in mind their efforts, or others like them, when he noted that the "unicameral system must be mentioned here as a feature of Gallican liberty, because it is held by all those persons who seem to be the most distinct enunciators of this species of liberty.