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But these recurrences are inevitable, and the "measures" are but a field of lexico-rhythmic energies, which are made manifest as relative speeds, amplitudes, enunciatory modes, perceptual "styles" and tones, proximities and distances, in the variety of fonts (bold, italic, capitals) and punctuations.
advert to enunciatory techniques peculiar to the unfolding of cinematic narrative" (McFarlane 28).
In a similar manner, Perez Bravo's photographic delves into Santeria's imaginary and constructs within it a specific enunciatory position.
Have maintains when music points to, or is pointed out by, the enunciatory level, it can give occasion for reflections about the music's presence.
Put another way, the very act of writing by Franzos violates what Bhabha calls for colonialist discourse more generally "the enlightened claims of its enunciatory modality" (91).
As Bhabha has noted, "national discourse slides from one enunciatory position to another" ("Dissemination" 140).
This circumstantial and historical nexus made possible the public expression, and globally reconfigured publics' hearing of Krog's voice as oracular, as representative, as witness, given to the expression of her own and others' enunciatory rights--according to Homi Bhabha (cited by Garman 2008: 6) "not just a right to speak but also a right to proclaim and therefore make claims" (6) in a world, for Bhabha, of "jurisdictional unsettlement"--a scene, Garman adds in paraphrase, in which the settled ideas of nation and nationality are being rendered increasingly complex (6).
Truth formulae stabilize a relation across a set of elements: between representation and presentation--words and things as Foucault put it in The Order of Things (1989b [1966]), truth and non-truth, and the place of the subject--both the enunciatory (s/he who may speak truth) and the enunciated (the subject within the text).
The Hopper moth although smothered in its celluloid larvae and permanently sealed within the archives of the Smithsonian is far from mute as evidenced by its enunciatory and networked presence throughout this and other texts.
These enunciatory operations are of an unlimited diversity.
Such a shift in perspective emerges from an acknowledgement of the nation's interrupted address, articulated in the tension signifying the people as an a priori historical presence, a pedagogical object; and the people constructed in the performance of narrative, its enunciatory "present" marked in the repetition and pulsation of the national sign.
Opposing the nihilism and anti-historicism of the present "age of theory" when critics employ "elements in Nietzsche to Lacan and Foucault [to] proclaim the vacancy of the subject," of "deconstruction [that] negates any stability or plenitude of sense within enunciatory acts and forms" (199), Steiner argues for a poetics of transcendence in support of creation, and for the plurality of possible interpretations of the work of art.