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But these recurrences are inevitable, and the "measures" are but a field of lexico-rhythmic energies, which are made manifest as relative speeds, amplitudes, enunciatory modes, perceptual "styles" and tones, proximities and distances, in the variety of fonts (bold, italic, capitals) and punctuations.
In my conception of an enunciatory disruption, I will not attempt to realign Foucault and Bhabha through Agamben, for theirs are different projects.
Go Piet"; "Thank you Otto") in the enunciatory registers of sports fans rooting for their team or star.
In Godard's work, texts speak to other texts from a multiplicity of enunciatory spaces.
like the sprawling irreducibility of the fiction he has ostensibly authored [constituting Ihimaera's The Matriarch], may [suggest] features of a postcolonial and post-patriarchal discursive performative that eludes the dualities of mastery and subjection, through the continual mobility of a third-person enunciatory position spiralling towards an encircling inclusivity.
In relation to the image of Marji in the first panel, "This is me" may be understood, moreover, as giving rise to two domains, each complexly multilayered with each layer of the one in isomorphic relation to its antithesis in the other: object and subject, vision and voice, Maji and Marjane, I-con and caption, enunciated and enunciatory, past and present, childhood and adulthood, Iran and (in light of the original French edition) the West.
According to Bhabha, there is a "tension between signifying the people as an a priori historical presence, a pedagogical object; and the people constructed in the performance of the narrative, its enunciatory 'present' marked in the repetition and pulsation of the national sign" (147).
19) If Raymond Bellour has urged that Hitchcock delegates the enunciatory power to male figures within the narrative who command the power to look and to see, we could contrast Cukor with Hitchcock on this point while also supporting Bellour's general concept of delegating enunciatory power by saying that Cukor delegates the power to stage--especially to women.
The enunciatory moment of multiple belief is both a defense against the anxiety of difference, and itself productive of differentiations.
the greatest involuntary crime of metrical analysis--if one can call it that--is the wedge it has driven between the raw, phonetic data of particular poems and abstract patterns, whether of weak and strong syllables, where 'weak' and 'strong' tell us about the enunciatory intensity of syllables and nothing about what they sound like; or, as in French, of the number of syllables, rather than of the sequence of sounds.
Too long have we been content to live off theory that has already been made elsewhere by others, adopting its enunciatory positions, assuming the roles in its drama, rather than creating new ones for ourselves.
Here, identity itself reduces to a series of enunciatory and behavioral roles performed with the help of pronominal shifts and their attendant deictic displacements.