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TO ENURE. To take, or have effect or serve to the use, benefit, or advantage of a person. The word is often written inure. A release to the tenant for life, enures to him in reversion; that is, it has the same effect for him as for the tenant for life. A discharge of the principal enures to the benefit of the surety.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Individual missives read like "outcries" (one of his favorite words) from a heart that survives in the hope of connecting with other people, but one that has heroically enured itself to going it alone if need be.
This ethnological premise underlies the argument of the View from the beginning: early in the View Iraenus sets forth the argument that England was at the time of the Norman Conquest, "a peaceable kingdom, and but lately enured to the mild and godly government of King Edward surnamed the Confessor." (17) Although the English were once a people as barbaric and uncivil as the native Irish, they had, through the harsh policies of the Saxon kings, already been gentled to a civil condition.
212 (1845), the Florida court stated: "On the change of government which took place by the treaty of Spain transferring Florida to the United States, and afterwards on the assumption by the people of a state government, the right to the shores of navigable waters and the soils under them enured, first to the General Government and then to the State" (6)
Over the years mining companies have become enured to this and it is now part of the project evaluation.