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An imperturbable calm enveloped their two motionless figures, the house, the town, all the world--and the trifling tempest of his feelings.
At the end of the Rue de Rome the violent chilly breath of the mistral enveloped the victoria in a great widening of brilliant sunshine without heat.
A THICK grey haze has enveloped India's capital as air pollution hit hazardous levels, prompting officials to ask schools to shut down and a half-marathon scheduled for later in November to be called off.
The audit officials said that company's enveloped must be submitted within the tender's envelop.
The Contractor will supply the following services to ensure all outgoing mail items for the Council~s revenues and benefits service are printed, enveloped and dispatched quickly and accurately: Secure transfer and receipt of data from the Council in pdf~ or plain text~ format.
According to Jake Ludlow, R&D Engineer 3, Antimicrobials, at USN, it is much harder to destroy non-enveloped viruses than enveloped viruses like Ebola.
Some of the areas are also enveloped by dense fog," said Bader Ali Al Baddaei, one of the administrators of www.
More than 230 people, mostly young college students, died in a cloud of toxic smoke after a blaze enveloped the crowded nightclub within seconds and set off a panic.