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Having initially ordered 8,000 Envelopers, all made by the local joiner, the shopping channel buyer slashed the order to 1,500 just days before.
According to Jeff Pallis, President of DS Graphics, the W+D 410 Easy Enveloper promises to accelerate our time to mailbox from week(s) to just days without the costs and headaches of additional freight and, of course, now any trim waste remains with us so we can also be more cost effective for our customers.
Based in her home town of Bishop Auckland, Sara and her dad have developed innovative products like the Enveloper, the Ultimate Pro and Rock-a-Blocks that have revolutionised paper crafting and won numerous accolades.
The variety of available features includes a core hopper with automatic core loading; the Catbridge "enveloper," which allows tapeless, ghieless, no foldover starts on both cored and coreless winding; shear, score or razor slitting; inline perforation; inspection and splicing; automatic cut-off of finished rolls; laser printing of job or lot numbers; auto application of a label or other roll closure and automatic discharge.
These include the worlds first announced 40MHz enveloper tracker (QET4100), a comprehensive multi-tier portfolio of antenna tuners and antenna switches (QAT2514, QAT2522) and a RF front-end power amplifier (PA) solution (QPA4373, QPA4351) purpose-built for the entry-level tier.