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At their core, successful envelopments require three things: a mobility advantage over an adversary, an informational advantage (the location of an assailable flank must be identified), and strong communications between the enveloping and fixing force.
Using their traditional half-moon formation, Ras Alula's and Ras Mengesha's infantries pressed the leading Italian forces while the two wings, supported by Ras Mikaef's Wallo cavalry, achieved an envelopment of the opponents.
A close look at the role played by the Tigrayan component of the Ethiopian army gives a clear insight to how the Ethiopians used the two forms of maneuver -- envelopment and frontal attack -- to destroy Albertone's brigade.
Given the ratio of forces -- more than 15,000 Ethiopians versus 4,092 Italians -- the Tigrayan army used its overwhelming combat power to strike directly his weaker enemy in his positions, prior to the envelopment achievement.
Body treatments are holistic treatments that include different elements of massage, envelopment and aromatherapy to provide maximum benefit.