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1993), they also found elevated number of WBC's in the envenomed people.
Although the cause of death needs to be certified, it is likely that most snakebites go by unnoticed, as health workers are not sufficiently trained in the identification of envenomed patients.
Antivenom is not always necessary: some patients are bitten by non-venomous snakes and 10 - 50% of those bitten by venomous snakes are not envenomed (so called 'dry bites').
Till a faint glimmer of hope dawned on their benighted prospects, they shrouded themselves in darkness and hurled their envenomed arrows, with cowardly malignity.
Within 3 to 8 min after the strike, the snake exhibits a high rate of tongue flicking and begins searching for the envenomed rodent (Clark, 2006; Golan, Radcliffe, Miller, O'Connell, & Chiszar, 1982; Kardong, 1986; Klauber, 1972).
Transfigured by envenomed agony which binds him to the hydra and centaur, Herakles is a trope of poiesis and expresses its transformative erotic component.
Lacan plantea que "with the infants (pre-verbal) stage of early childhood, the situation of specular absorption is permanently tied: the child observed, the emotional reaction (pale), and this reactivation of images of primordial frustration (with and envenomed stare) that are the physical and somatic coordinates of original aggressivity" (20).
Another study found that most envenomed patient are bitten during daylight on the lower limb and are rarely able to describe the snake4.
key obstacle to making progress in talks and has envenomed the atmosphere with
Laertes's revenge on Hamlet, which is implicated in Hamlet's on Claudius, is poisoned, both literally in the envenomed sword, and figuratively, insofar as it is misguided, having been manipulated by Claudius's corrupting powers of persuasion.