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Evaluation of the neutralizing ability of antivenoms for the treatment of snake bite envenoming in Central America.
schach in Khuzestan province but there were not enough medical records available to elucidate the clinical signs of envenoming by this scorpion [40].
13] An accurate measure of the global burden of snake bite envenoming remains elusive despite several attempts to estimate it and apart from a few countries, reliable figures on incidence, morbidity, and mortality are scarce.
Snake antivenom immunoglobulins, obtained by immunizing horses with selective snake venoms, are considered the only specific treatment for snakebite envenoming (2).
Clinical examination was performed in each patient to assess the signs of local, regional and systemic envenoming.
Skin lesions in envenoming by cnidarians (Portuguese manof-war and jellyfish): etiology and severity of accidents on the Brazilian coast.
The global burden of snakebite: A literature analysis and modelling based on a regional estimates of envenoming and deaths.
int/neglected_diseases/diseases/snakebites/en/), envenoming is in fact one of the neglected tropical diseases and forms a particularly important public health problem in tropical and subtropical countries.
Russell's viper envenoming may thus produce a disorder resembling Sheehan's syndrome," a pituitary condition seen in pregnant women, the study's authors wrote in the Lancet.
Snakebite doesn't cause disseminated intravascular coagulation: coagulopathy and thrombotic microangiopathy in snake envenoming.
Hering SE, Jurca M, Vichi FL, Azevedo-Marques MM, Cupo R "Reversible cardiomyopathy" in patients with severe scorpion envenoming by Tityus serrulatus: evolution of enzymatic, electrocardiographic and echocardiographic alterations.