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While the transit system is enviably popular, every initiative that encourages people to switch from private to public transport is good for the roads of Tyne and Wear, and the wider environment.
J J The Jet Plane is three times a Group One winner and can back up an enviably consistent streak with undoubted class.
It is welcome recognition of SMG MENA's commitment to creative, innovative work and I am confident the team will continue to meet the enviably high standards they have created for themselves.
The classic triangle two-piece is much more flattering, showing off her curves and her enviably flat tummy.
Nathan, along with Endoline's Managing Director Tony Hacker, will take up the helm of the new dedicated Export Sales Division which has been created as an extension of Endoline's enviably strong UK sales arm in a bid to increase direct overseas sales and expand the current family of worldwide distributors and agents.
has an enviably low debt burden and online businesses growing at a healthy rate, yet even it cannot escape Wall Street's current aversion to newspaper stocks.
For Chris Brown, 19, his youthfulness gets channeled through his physical dexterity, his enviably lean physique and his lustful lyrics.
CHICAGO -- A low HDL-cholesterol level confers increased coronary risk even in persons with an enviably low LDL-cholesterol level of less than 60 mg/dL, Dr.
Yet the internal space is enviably pure, uncluttered with partition walls or even suspended ceilings.
This enviably sparkling book is more a work of the scholarly journalist than the typical fare of academic urban history.
On the one hand, he heaps scorn on the coastal policy elites who spend their days in the clouds, whipping up goofy theories that never have to be tested against reality, while the Real Men of the military, who am enviably unselfconscious about their evangelical Christianity and their fondness for hunting and stock-car racing, make the decisions that really matter.