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On the one hand, he heaps scorn on the coastal policy elites who spend their days in the clouds, whipping up goofy theories that never have to be tested against reality, while the Real Men of the military, who am enviably unselfconscious about their evangelical Christianity and their fondness for hunting and stock-car racing, make the decisions that really matter.
After enviably watching blueberry producers carve out a profitable niche in retailers up and down the country, blackcurrant growers have pulled together in a bid to offer an even healthier alternative.
With her restrained beauty and an enviably clear, lyric soprano, she dominated all her scenes.
If their relationship seems like one of those enviably perfect partnerships in love and life, that's because it is.
The familiar figure of the camcorder-wielding dad might seem to be the unlikeliest of auteurs, but Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner is one enviably cool father.
They consistently top rankings of countries where it is good to do business, attract huge amounts of foreign investment to match, are masters at pioneering new technologies, and enjoy an enviably high quality of life.
With an enviably positive economic platform beneath us, giving a period of relative calm, right now there's a chance to take stock and to look positively ahead to the inevitable reform of the way we are living and developing.
All the other girls in the class will seem enviably grown-up: dating boys, wearing make- up, going out to places where you're not allowed to go.
Enviably situated as the second unit in from bay and across from the Ritz-Carlton, this residence offers a deeded deepwater dock with lift.
McRae, enviably cool under pressure, said that while he expected the Finn to lift the world title, he expected a Briton to win the rally.
Akgun Akova, who holds graduate degrees in chemical engineering and business administration, is enviably well read in world literature.
If Vasques was indeed motivated all along by no more than a disinterested concern for his master's best interests, all one can say is that his concern proved to be a means of achieving an enviably high level of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.