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As status is provided only by observers (Olssen and Peters, 2015), benignly envious conduct is unsuccessful in improving the envier's status in the near future.
ordris sche seith yuel; that is to seie, "that thei schulden be flaterers, and enviers, and ypocritis, and bacbiters;" but also of the ordre sche seith, meenyng it to be yuel.
In the second phase, second-order coding revealed the post-emotional behaviors of the enviers (i.e., resentment, lack of collaborative behavior), the recognition of the envy by the corporate entrepreneurs and their emotional and behavioral reaction (i.e., elitism), and the recognition and interpretation of envy by third-party observers within the organization (i.e., skepticism over the fitness of the venturing program).
For managing envy on the team, Menon and Thompson recommend sharing power, making what is scarce plentiful, giving enviers and their targets different spheres of influence, and being aware of linguistic triggers.
Was it deliberate poisoning by competitors or enviers? Was it an accident--perhaps an overdose of the arsenic-containing tonics popular at the time?
In Dubai, the destination of tourists from all around the world, the global financial crisis, which also affected this city, provided an opportunity for spiteful enviers to spill their venoms.
Those aged betwen 35 and 42 are the worst for overdoing it while skiing, while Londoners are the biggest piste enviers.
Usually enviers want to hoard for themselves: Valles to spread the good things of life round anyone denied them.