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Bharuch (Gujarat) [India] December 3 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the Congress Party opposes the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) just for the sake of opposing and is envious of them.
Mayo boss Rochford said: "Look, I'd only be as envious as every other manager for having their players in the county.
If you are afraid of other dancers' envious reactions to your success, then it's necessary to ignore their negativity, which often stems from insecurity.
On the other hand, malicious envy is elicited when an envious individual appraises a superior other's advantage as undeserved (van de Ven et al.
In fact, the stubbornness of the person who is first viewed as intelligent sometimes evokes respect, Kahneman writes, while intelligence in an envious stubborn person is often thought to make him more dangerous.
In "Divine Comedy," Dante describes envious souls in purgatory with eyes forcibly shut, never to view anything they might ever be envious of again.
While McDowell says he is envious and respectful of his fellow Northern Irishman winning the third leg of a career grand slam by the age of 25, he doesn't think its possible to take a stranglehold of the modern game.
GRAEME McDOWELL admitted he was envious of Rory McIlroy after his fellow Northern Irishman's victory at the Open Championship.
com)-- Envious Fashions recently unveiled a fresh and beautiful collection of evening dresses that is a suitable choice for school balls and proms.
She will be there, tight mermaid dress and all, and we will be once again envious of her figure
Billy (right) admits he was so envious seeing Mako starring in Australia for the Lions this summer that he couldn't watch the games.
I show that, in equilibrium, envious workers will choose the same allocation as that chosen by their co-worker to eliminate the disutility from envy.