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established lines of authority and responsibility for environmental issues
Despite lashing out at such cynicism, many CEOs have proved eager to board the environmental bandwagon--particularly when being green means making green.
The issue was resolved when the buyer negotiated a fixed-site environmental liability insurance policy that covered it for claims for unexpected cleanup costs, third-party claims, property and natural resource damages.
Newton describes the input gathered from the web survey as remarkably consistent, with many important themes articulated, including fostering training opportunities for future environmental health researchers at all educational levels and the critical need for validated biomarkers.
Naval Air Station Pensacola Environmental Restoration Team (Betsy Voss, Allison Harris, Bill Hill, Tracie Vaught, Greg Wilfley, Joe Foran, Greg Campbell, Greg Fraley, Brian Caldwell, Gerry Walker)
During the last thirty years, increasing cooperation between natural scientists and environmental historians has revealed myriad interconnections between the "two worlds" of nature and culture.
Through the Environmental Affairs Department's ``Gardens for Kids'' program, over 50 gardens are thriving in schools in the San Fernando Valley alone.
The AHDR represented a continuation of the traditional Arab environmental paradigm, and as a result did not present any conceptual breakthroughs in this field.
This comprehensive volume encompasses all of the environmental issues affecting the pulp and paper industry.
Using Case Study to Instruct Environmental Managers
For Gibbs, the enduring message is this: Government and industry don't always act to protect citizens from environmental hazards.

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