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Under "Superfund" regulations (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act), every party that ever owned a property can be held liable for environmental damage arising from it--even if the damage occurred years ago when the property was owned by others.
United States Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Environmental Quality Team (Frederick W.
More than 90 invited fundamental and applied scientists and public interest group members attended the event, which was cochaired by Frederica Perera, a professor of environmental health sciences and director of the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health at Columbia University, and Gerald Wogan, an emeritus professor of toxicology and chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Environmental history has been defined concisely by one of its leading proponents, Donald Worster, as the study of "the role and place of nature in human life.
Applying FAS 5, legally enforceable obligations for environmental cleanup need not be disclosed, so long as legal action is neither pending nor considered probable.
When the city wanted to reduce the pollution from its diesel vehicles, the Environmental Affairs Department sought and secured $3.
Even if N's environmental remediation costs were deductible expenses, rather than inventory costs recovered through COGS, Sec.
Such a paradigm views environmental issues as mainly resulting from the processes of industrialization and modernization, and the lack of proper state control and governance.
Industrial Environmental Control - Pulp and Paper Industry, Third Edition
These methodologies--case study and the TOP inquiry system--are mutually reinforcing, and both can be profitably taught in environmental management programs.
For Gibbs, the enduring message is this: Government and industry don't always act to protect citizens from environmental hazards.
Brazil has good environmental laws right now and it is not a question of having more, it is [a question of] enforcing the existing laws.

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