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It is accompanied by a document titled "Nine Things That Journalists Should Know About The Skeptical Environmentalist.
Like Marxists, environmentalists have had to force the facts to fit their theory.
By the time Bush took office, even many environmentalists were searching for market-based "cap-and-trade" programs to curb power plant pollution rather than pursuing the traditional regimen of Clean Air Act enforcement.
Lula is trying to appease both the developmentalists and the environmentalists," says Amaryllis Romano, an agribusiness and construction sector analyst with Tendencias, a Sao Paulo consulting firm.
I think it's partly the new generation of managers who are much more open and tend to be environmentalists themselves who are starting to recognize that you need to do this because it's an ethical obligation [and] that there's also a competitive advantage," Rosen says.
Environmentalists claim trade harms the environment and further impoverishes people in the developing world.
Environmentalists had the charisma of one of nature's perennial poster children on their side: the Pacific gray whale, which counts the San Ignacio Lagoon among its few remaining breeding and birthing grounds.
These include statements taken out of context, slanted documentation, reliance upon "experts" with suspect credentials to create a mask of scientific competence, accusing environmentalists of practicing a religion rather than a science, and not a little outright dishonesty.
Incumbent Nancy Pearlman, 56, of Los Angeles, a teacher, environmentalist and broadcaster, was ahead of two challengers: Maria Grunwald-Agazaryan, 22, of North Hollywood, and Gerald Wayne ``Jerry'' Perttula, 52, of Northridge.
During the campaign, Republicans gleefully touted a 1999 email from Sierra Club board member Michael Dorsey, in which he accused Gore of holding natural resources "hostage to the highest bidder," adding: "With this legacy, no real environmentalist could ever endorse Al Gore.
The Chartered Environmentalist is a Master's level qualification assessed against a set of stretching criteria and a professional review interview.
Similarly, does the OCAW corporate campaign suggest that workers and environmentalists are not always at odds, as they most definitely were during the spotted owl logging controversy in the Pacific Northwest, or was the union simply "one of the most environmentally progressive and innovative union locals in the nation" (p.

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