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Employers of Chartered Environmentalists have the assurance of knowing their employees have had their competence assessed and their commitment to continuing professional development established to consistent and rigorous standards.
Corporations don't trust the environmentalists because they are forever being undermined by statements like the one above.
By the time Bush took office, even many environmentalists were searching for market-based "cap-and-trade" programs to curb power plant pollution rather than pursuing the traditional regimen of Clean Air Act enforcement.
Lula is trying to appease both the developmentalists and the environmentalists," says Amaryllis Romano, an agribusiness and construction sector analyst with Tendencias, a Sao Paulo consulting firm.
I think it's partly the new generation of managers who are much more open and tend to be environmentalists themselves who are starting to recognize that you need to do this because it's an ethical obligation [and] that there's also a competitive advantage," Rosen says.
By invoking a zero sum version of sustainable development, environmentalists not only put themselves at odds with the developing world; they ignore the way in which economic growth helps protect the environment.
Zedillo maintained the Mexican government had decided to cancel As plans not because the plant would harm the environment or to appease environmentalists, but because it would alter the landscape in unacceptably drastic ways.
One of the tactics of the anti-environmental movement is to accuse environmentalists of favoring trees or animals over human beings.
Incumbent Nancy Pearlman, 56, of Los Angeles, a teacher, environmentalist and broadcaster, was ahead of two challengers: Maria Grunwald-Agazaryan, 22, of North Hollywood, and Gerald Wayne ``Jerry'' Perttula, 52, of Northridge.
During the campaign, Republicans gleefully touted a 1999 email from Sierra Club board member Michael Dorsey, in which he accused Gore of holding natural resources "hostage to the highest bidder," adding: "With this legacy, no real environmentalist could ever endorse Al Gore.
As a result, it may take more significant action than recycling or conserving energy for one to consider oneself an environmentalist today, but that may not have been the case in the past.

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