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The Ministry of Agriculture has been instructed to coordinate the implementation of the events envisaged in the state program and to inform the Azerbaijani president about the state program's implementation once in a year.
Pavlova made clear that another axis of the operational program envisaged support for healthcare reform, including funding for purchasing ambulances and for improving the infrastructure at emergency care centers.
Hidayatullah said that as a participating bank the FWBL is fully committed to providing loans to women as envisaged under the Prime Minister's Youth Business Loans.
There are funds for this project in the Agency for Roads as well, while there are additional funds in ELEM and MEPSO for the energy projects and so much more than the envisaged money in the budget will be used for capital investments.
Abdulmenaf Bexheti, expert on economic affairs, stated that from the revealed information, only 5 percent of the state budget is envisaged for the Albanian side.
Technology is also envisaged to give drivers road information such as about slopes and curves, traffic volume and accidents.
The proposed allocation for next fiscal year's budget on debt servicing and defence, therefore, were significantly higher from the envisaged development spending.
By Hassan Hafidh/Dow Jones Iraq launched yesterday a new national energy strategy that envisages the country's crude oil production to almost triple to 9mn bpd in 2020, but appears to be a scaling back ambitions to reach 12mn bpd previously envisaged by 2017, a senior Iraqi government official said.
A report prepared by the Kuwait Finance House (KFH) said today that these efforts include large public spending programs on infrastructure, education and health with supporting investments envisaged from the private sector.
This is envisaged in the new draft-law on lawyer's fiscal stamp.
Asked if he could have envisaged the current situation, O'Neill said: "No, I could not.