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Holden, Envisions President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, added, Envisions leadership team including both the Board and management have been singularly focused on driving value for our shareholders and have taken decisive action in furtherance of that goal, including the implementation of a comprehensive operational improvement plan and a robust review of strategic alternatives.
The vehicle is part of the Army's transformation, as envisioned by Gen.
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Moller envisions the vehicle will fly as high as 7,576 m (25,000 ft).
The West German astronomers also envision participation in several more major space projects of the next couple of decades.
According to an account of Rumsfeld's speech in the June 27th Los Angeles Times, the world peacekeeping army envisioned by the defense secretary "would operate outside the auspices of the United Nations and NATO and would include thousands of U.S.