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ENVOY, international law. In diplomatic language, an envoy is a minister of the second rank, on whom his sovereign or government has conferred a degree of dignity and respectability, which, without being on a level with an ambassador, immediately follows, and among ministers, yields the preeminence to him alone.
     2. Envoys are either ordinary or extraordinary; by custom the latter is held in greater consideration. Vattel, liv. 4, c. 6, Sec. 72.

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NEW DELHI -- Pakistan's envoy positioned in India continue to be harassed as another incident surfaced on Tuesday when a car carrying a diplomat was intercepted in Indian capital.
Satyendra Pathak Doha Sri Lanka is aiming to double the number of its workforce in Qatar, the country's top envoy has said.
Antonio, special envoy to the United States, with a term from January 1 to December 31, 2018 and businessmen Miguel Ayala, special envoy to Australia.
In July 2016, former president Fidel Ramos accepted the post as special envoy to China in the wake of the Philippines' historic victory in the United Nations-backed arbitral tribunal in The Hague, which invalidated China's claims to almost all of the resource-rich South China Sea.
As an official Envoy cadet partner, CAE will hire Envoy cadets as Certified Flight Instructors to provide training at CAE's academy in Phoenix, Arizona.