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The change from the random coil conformation to the [beta]-sheet conformation for the SF indicated that the fraction of the SF powder in the surface of the SF/PU fibrous membranes increased, and the SF powders were not completely enwrapped in PU fiber, as shown in Fig.
The drama is about a psychiatrist played by Yusra, who becomes so enwrapped in her patients and everyone with a problem around her.
White matter is paler in color than gray matter because the axons are enwrapped in myelin, which is a system of cell bodies (i.
For making use of its shielding function sufficiently, we check the electronic dictionary enwrapped by isolating crust instead of mental crust.
ON TINY feet, pail and spade in hand, The shiny sea beyond moving sand, Crabs and coloured shells and waves, Dunes, rocks and dark, craggy caves, Exploring eyes, adventure, discovery, On his lone trek to the mighty blue sea, The vast horizon is oh so far away, In silver water where mermaids play, Loneliness as tears begin to fall, Silence, then waves white and tall, Tiring in hot sun, stumbles in wet sand, Smiling, now enwrapped in daddy's hands.
A poem of that period about distant love repeats the refrain: "The evening has enwrapped me,/Soft as velvet, heavy as sorrow.
We thus begin to see these related images and sensations not as hierarchical but as simply conjoined, enwrapped within a web of concentricity that once again eliminates all distinctions between interiority and exteriority.
And one of the looks that will be part of the fall line for Maybelline will radiate this trend with eyes enwrapped in smokey shades and lined with inky shades of plum and black.
Upon entering the sacred space of the mosque, which can accommodate as many as 15,000 members of the ummah, I felt as though I was enwrapped in the largess of the spirit of God.
The "9+9+2" arrangement of the middle piece is enwrapped with a mitochondrial mantle and a fibrous sheath outside.
Donne's task is to explain how this enwrapped soul can, in Mauer's words, attain "involvement in the ways of the world" (224).
Then the second stage engines cut out, and the silence of space enwrapped them as their craft sped on its way to a rendezvous with the orbiting space station.