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And the two choices in the form of leather and silicone guarantee high-end look and protection, enwrapping the smartphone.
It would expose the sanctimony enwrapping their humbug.
Through my 10-inch reflector at 231x, NGC 3091 covers 2' x 1 1/4' and displays an oval core enwrapping a round nucleus.
When I use the words body, carnal, corporeal, embodied, incarnate I mean of course more than several dozen kilos of flesh and fascia enwrapping organs, veins and arteries--'the physiological body sack' which you feel I fall back into assuming.
Augustine, who was designated to fix several points in the Western understanding of faith and reason for the time to come, contributed considerably to this enwrapping of the God in the cloudy mysteries of language.
He added that he was involved in smuggling weapons from Wadi Khaled, adding ''we smuggled automatic rifles, RPG launchers, ammunition, bullets and drugs, and I was responsible for enwrapping the smuggled stuff while the rest of the group carried them across the borders.
The years passed by, and I grew older, And had children of my own, Enwrapping my mother's legacy of love, Throughout my family home.
white and golden limbs, a sun-struck nativity enwrapping hungry, blank
his mahout, who with his long black hair falling on his shoulders, his dark swarthy complexion, a silk handkerchief of tawny gold, worn as a turban, white linen jacket lace edging, and a pinky silk garment loosely enwrapping his thighs and leaving the legs from the knees downwards bare seemed to divide with Taung the curious regard of the visitors.
Haldin differs from Jones and de Barral, mainly in that he does not act alone but joins his agenda under the collective sign of "retributive justice" (37) against "the filthy heap of iniquity" (38) that constitutes all non-revolutionary humanity and submerses it in the theosophical aura enwrapping the insurrection, both on its Russian home ground and in Swiss exile.