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The Dh13,700 ($3,730) Givori Phantom Black Platinum enwraps the iPhone 6 with black platinum, one of the rarest precious metals in the world.
While Ahlmann often enwraps his sculptures in richly coloured, glossy and sensual glazes, Madsen expresses herself primarily in subdued Nordic colours--in monochrome and black-and-white glazes--with the exception of a number of her new works, where certain colours are introduced.
Though it takes up residence on the surface of things, the face cannot fuse with the matter it enwraps. To query the human visage, then, is to confront the face as something autonomous, contiguous with the body but not tethered to it.
Here, curiously, the critic Clive Bloom, in his comparative study Reading Poe Reading Freud (1988), citing the same passage from 'Usher' as we have just quoted to exemplify Poe's encyclopaedic vision of mind and universe, or how he "continually enwraps his tales within [a] totality of cultural and aesthetic availability", rather seriously vitiates his own argument by claiming that "the majority of the titles are works invented by Poe" (110, 113; Bloom's italics).
14.294, where the desire instilled in Zeus by Hera with the help of Aphrodite enwraps ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) his "wise" mind ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]); cf.
Because it is not, it is at once pervasively femin and anti-polemical, for the polemicist assumes contention, while Hacker's world stands quietly before the reader, then enwraps her, assuming only its own lovely normality.
The chondriosomal mantle enwraps the "9+9+2" arrangement.
This, as an amber drop enwraps a bee, Covering discovers your quick soul; that we May in your through-shine front your heart's thoughts see.
Instead, this rapturous, beautifully orchestrated score is of such mysterious, irresistible dark beauty that it enwraps one like a magical cloak.